In moments of confusion, sadness, uncertainty and joy, your journal will light the way.

Here's a peak into my journal... this page is all about the sacred space that's created when I gather around the table with women (and a few good men), who are drawn to my journaling workshops for the playful creativity and life-changing insights. When I'm with you, I see you; I hear you; I bring a range of tools plus wisdom, intuition and light to our conversations. As a result, aha moments, unexpected shifts and delight unfold.

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I do this work because I know it works. No writing or art background required. Just pick up your pen, follow the prompt, or paste an image to your journal page and see where it takes you.

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About Leslie Hamp

Leslie is a Certified Journal to the Self instructor who offers online journaling workshops HERE and onsite workshops at Oliver Art Center, Crooked Tree Art Center and private venues in beautiful northern Michigan. Join Leslie to experience the power of journaling for personal growth, creative expression and resilience. Email HERE.

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Tips, tools and inspiration for a soulful journaling practice that leads to clarity, creativity & JOY.


Leslie Hamp
Leslie Hamp helps women (and a few good men) create a soulful journaling practice that leads to clarity, creativity and JOY.